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Understanding the woman’s cycle

Throughout a woman’s lifetime, it’s not uncommon to experience menstrual cycle irregularities. Using the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, OSF Institute for Women’s Health and Fertility can help married couples avoid or achieve pregnancy or help married or single women monitor their gynecological health, naturally and effectively.

The Creighton Model is a charting system with a user-effectiveness rate of 96.8 percent. As a woman learns to chart her cycle, NaPro Technology provides medical and surgical treatments to address reproductive and gynecological abnormalities. These treatments don’t just mask abnormalities, the goal is to eliminate them completely.

What can we treat?

Chronic discharge

Hormonal abnormalities


Irregular or abnormal bleeding

Menstrual cramps

Ovarian cysts

Painful period

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Postpartum depression

Premature birth prevention

Premenstrual syndrome

Recurrent miscarriage


As a Catholic health care system, we believe in offering alternatives to contraception and artificial reproductive technologies that are safe, effective and consistent with our commitment to the sanctity of life.

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