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Do you have questions about what the Catholic Church teaches? Have you ever wondered if you are being called to the Church? Are you a Catholic looking for a deeper understanding of the Faith? The RCIA has answers.

The Creed – Statement of our belief

Salvation History ~ Divine Revelation

Scripture and Tradition

Jesus Christ ~ The Trinity

The Virgin Mary and saints

The Seven Sacraments

Our Catholic Mass ~ How we pray

Catholic teaching on Morality

...And much more 

RCIA Began on August 17-If you know anyone interested in learning about the Catholic Church or if you want an opportunity to grow in  your understanding of the teachings of our Faith, the RCIA is here to help. Please join us as we continue our new year preparation for the Rite of Initiation of Adults


Al meetings will be at Corpus Christi unless notified. 


 For information or to register please see the bulletin.