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Upcoming Events in Our Parish...

Articles to the bulletin need to be submitted by 9AM  to for the following weekends


Bulletin Submission Schedule

Bulletin Date                                   Submission Deadline

December 9th                                   November 26th

December 16th                                 December 10th

December 23rd                                 December 13th

December 30th                                 December  17th

                       January 6th                                      December 20th                         


For the altar on Christmas may be made in honor of or in memory of someone. The price will be $10 each.


Deadline will be December 18th.


Angel Tree: Angel tree ornaments will be available at the religious good stand, please consider picking up a name of a homebound or shut in and sending them a card or visiting them this Advent season.


If you know someone who would like to receive a card or visit during this time of year please contact the office.


CHRISTMAS DINNER: Once again we will be having a dinner on Christmas day with our pastor at the McAteer Center. If there are just a couple of people in your household or this is the year that the rest of your family is with other family on Christmas day, then consider joining some of your parish family. We will gather around 12:30 and plan to eat at 1pm. Ham and drinks and table settings will be provided. You are asked to bring a dish to pass. For reservations and more information, call Kit Ensley at 309-368-7191.





A & R Intention for December:

We pray that our newly elected politicians will work together and do what is best for America.  We also pray the Christmas Spirit will enter our Hearts with Love and Peace to All.  Those praying the daily Rosary are: Rosemary Pumo, Phyllis Mitchell, Marilyn Mellican, Bernice Walck, Helen Rupert.


Please note that there is no meeting in January or February. We’ll see you in March.