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Relationship Check-In

World Marriage Day

There have been times in our marriage when we felt ourselves drifting apart. Not because of any one catastrophic event, but just because we weren’t working on our relationship. We were just getting by. But in a culture antithetical to marriage, just getting by is not enough. All Catholic couples need to work to cultivate a dynamic, vibrant relationship, strong enough to bear the demands of family life, and weather everything the world will throw at it. The reality is, we are never done working on our marriage. St. John Paul teaches us, “Love is never something ready made, something merely given to man and woman, it is...a task which they are set. Love should be seen as something which never ‘is’ but is always only ‘becoming’...” This is true whether you have been married for 5 years or 50 years. We can never get to the point with our spouse when we say, “OK, now we finally have learned to love perfectly!” We never get there! Take some time on to celebrate World Marriage Day by doing a “Relationship Check” with your spouse. Get away from the kids, from work, from the house and ask, “How are we doing?”. Imagine your relationship as a separate entity (a tree is a good image). Step back from it and assess its health together. This isn’t a time to point out faults or establish blame, instead it’s a time to work together towards a noble goal. You are the primary witness to the sanctity of the sacrament of matrimony. Your marriage is of vital importance not just to your family, but also to the whole Church! Don’t allow yourselves to drift apart, but be intentional about having an exceptional marriage. Get more advice, ideas, and encouragement at our website: We can change the world, one family at a time.

Here are some discussion topics and prompts to help you as a couple more clearly see the state of your relationship and identify areas you need to work on. They are just to get you started! As you prayerfully asses your unique friendship, feel free to add your own topics. Before you begin your discussion, start by honoring each other, then go on to other questions. I love you because.... I feel loved when you.... Thank you for…. ❏ Do we make each other a top priority? • Do you feel I make enough time for you? • When do we have uninterrupted time to talk? • Are there activities we should make more room for? ❏ Do we experience generous physical love? • How do you feel most loved by me? • What are your expectations? • What would an ideal romantic evening be for you? ❏ Do we provide each other emotional support? • Do you feel safe with me? • Can talk you with me about anything? • Do I help you with challenges in your life? • How can I support you? ❏ Do we feel respected and valued when we discuss issues such as finances? • When we talk, do you feel listened to? • Do you think I understand your values? • How can we work together on this? ❏ Have we created a “vessel of grace” in our marriage? • In what areas of our life can we be more in union with the Church? • How can we pray better together? • How can I support you in your relationship with Our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?

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