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~ ~ 2019 ADA PROGRESS ~ ~ As of June 17th, we have received pledges from 170 parish families (47.8%) totaling $53,927.00 (81.2%). We need $11,993.00 to reach our goal of $65,920.00. We need everyone to contribute. Every gift is important & no gift is too small - it all adds up. Letters with pledge cards were recently mailed out. If you got a letter, but have contributed, we apologize for the oversight. Every dollar raised to make our goal supports important diocesan ministries, and every dollar raised over our goal will be kept in the parish. To those who have contributed, we are most grateful
~ ~ IHM ACTIVITY CENTER ~ ~ The Parish Activity Center - except for the Adoration Chapel - will be locked at all times, unless there is an event taking place. If you need access, please contact the IHM office. ~