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December 1, 2018 - 4:30 Mass - IHM


On Saturday, December 1, the RCIA will celebrate the Rite of Acceptance and Welcoming at 4:30 Mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. This is the first Rite of the year for those who are asking to be initiated into the Catholic Church at Easter through the RCIA program; which serves all the Catholic parishes in our area.


This Combined Rite is a celebration of the Rite of Acceptance of the unbaptized into the Order of Catechumens and the Rite of Welcoming baptized but previously uncatechized adults, who are preparing for Confirmation and/or Eucharist or reception into the full communion of the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil.


This moving ritual begins the Mass and replaces the Introductory Rite and will lead into the First Reading. Each year we rotate the Rites and this is the first year it is at IHM. We hope you will join us on Saturday, December 1, in welcoming and praying for our catechumens and candidates.